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Carl Storm:

It's hard to imagine life without a challenge. The Journey as a download has been removed for the moment


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Carl's work had a limited distribution as it was felt by him that he wanted to pursue winning international awards for the film script to book One of the trilogy of A Mighty fine Way To Live and Die. On 7th of March 2016 and on 9th April 2016 The script To Live and Die Twice wins the best script and Rising Star award at Jakarta International Film Festival and Vancouver International Film Festival. A full distribution for the Novel A Mighty Fine Way to Live and Die is now sort. As well as a production deal for the script which he hopes to see Daniel Craig play a leading part as a school headmaster.

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Bit of a funny one this. This is a million miles from the genre of material I'd usually read, but picked a copy up off a mates coffee table (he's a friend of a friend) and found that I couldn't put it down. I'd read the whole bloody thing by the next evening. Great plot line with loads of twists and turns, great characters, and grapples with all of the important stuff in life i.e. friendship, sex and death. However, and most of all, so evocative of that crazy, crazy, town where I grew up, and where anything might happen. Will there be a sequel? (5 star rating out of 5).

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A book you don't want to put down. The characters come to life. This book kept me interested right to the very end.(4 star rating out of Five)

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A rollercoaster ride punctuated by well observed human storylines.
A book that twists and turns through the life stories of the characters, whilst in the background, a sinister conspiracy unfolds, with some unexpected twists. Played out in the contexts of South Shields , England ; Paris , France ; an exotic Island and the U.S.A. , the geographical localities provide a richly described setting as the plot unfolds. The kind of book that begs to be read in any spare minute until the end is reached. (5 star rating out of 5)